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Managing email signatures for thousands of businesses worldwide

Email Signature Management allows administrators to seamlessly manage email signatures in your digital workplace, enabling users to maintain consistent branding and reducing strain on your IT team. No more email signature IT support tickets with our Email Signature Management tool!

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Why Choose Us

Say goodbye to outdated, inconsistent signatures and hello to great first impressions.

Easily configure for desktop and mobile

Be confident your signature design works on any device of any size. Drag and drop the same signature, or create variations for different departments, teams, and locations.

No need to route through a 3rd party

Simplify the process and avoid the need to route your custom signatures through a 3rd party server. Utilize our Email Signature Management tool for reliability, simplicity, and security.

Delegate role-based access controls

Provide flexibility to key stakeholders and reduce demand on your IT team, by delegating the power to edit signatures to individual users or departments.

Signatures assigned automatically

Once signatures have been configured for each department, team or project, Email Signature Management's Smart Teams automatically assign them to any joiners, movers or leavers.

Take a closer look at the features of our Email Signature Management platform.

Discover Even More Features

Email signature management for your chosen digital workplace

In today's multi-cloud environment, you need an email signature management system that works alongside any productivity suite.

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Tim Harris, CTO

"Since introducing Email Signature Management, changes run seamlessly in the background. Alleviating pressure in SaaS management has lifted a huge burden on our IT team."

Free Email Signature Management
Ebook by CloudM

Download our complete guide to managing email signatures.

Synchronizing email signatures across your organization can be a pain. In this publication, we’ll be sharing our expertise on the importance of email signatures, the marketing opportunities they present, how to design the best one, some of our favorite (and least favorite!) examples.

With half of all Email Signature Management's users already utilizing the power of automated and consistent branding, our ebook shares their stories on how it’s made their lives easier and their businesses better.

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