Key Features of CloudM's Email Signature Management Platform

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Email Signatures for Gmail and Outlook

No more being locked in to one vendor. CloudM works with both Gmail and Outlook.

No need to route through a 3rd party server

Managing email signatures with CloudM means there's no need to route your signatures through a 3rd party server.

Automation for Joiners, Movers, Leavers

Email signatures automatically change job titles and departments for joiners and movers.

Organizational unit application

Use the power of automation to customize email signatures in bulk for organizational units.

Out of the box templates

Why start from scratch? hit the ground running with out of the box templates.

Comprehensive user guides

You're not on your own. We been building an in depth knowledge base packed with helpful guides and articles.

Live-user previews

See your signatures come to life, before making them live with in application user previews.

Custom fields

Custom fields allow administrators to configure custom designs with little to no development needed.

Hide missing fields

CloudM hides missing fields to keep signatures accurate and on brand, even when the desired information isn't available.

Replace missing fields

Using a little logic administrators can replace missing fields with custom information.


With a 'what you see is what you get' editor, it's easy to design beautiful signatures in minutes.

Source code editing

Coding knowledge? CloudM let's you get a little more hands on, allowing you to make custom changes to the source code.

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