Podcast: Preparing for the future of the Digital Workplace

Hosted by EM360 Managing Research Director Torsten Volk 1


Podcast with CloudM Managing Director, Gary Bennion

The Research Vice President at Gartner recently proclaimed that "[t]he unprecedented socioeconomic challenges of 2020 demand the organisational plasticity to transform and compose the future", and he couldn't be more correct. In order to remain in business in 2020 (and for the foreseeable future), organisations have had no choice but to innovate, transform, and adapt to a new way of working, with one of the biggest changes in the enterprise being the mass migration to a predominantly digital workplace.

Originally hosted on EM360 - Our Managing Director, Gary Bennion joins Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates, to unpick the current state of the digital workplace and how organizations can prepare for the future in this exclusive podcast.

Gary begins by exploring the heavy security and compliance-based burdens that the digital workplace is putting on IT operation teams, before explaining how some of them can be relieved with the help of technology. He also discusses how organisations and their IT teams can better streamline their services and improve their license management. Finally, he shares his expert advice on how IT teams can best accelerate business processes to help prevent IT burnout.

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