Top tips to making Email Signature Management easier with CloudM

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Why a consistent email signature is important

A consistent, up-to-date email signature not only gives easy access to contact information and social media links, but is the final sign-off from your company - the last thing a client sees. A good, consistent email signature looks professional, promoting assurance and confidence in your brand.

Email Signatures are important!

They are the final impression that you make with your partners and customers so you need to make sure they show your organization off in the best possible way.

Many businesses entrust Email Signature Management to a single employee or department so that they can ensure signatures are standardized across the entire company, comply with brand values, and are kept up to date, which can be a tedious, time-consuming task, with multiple manual steps.

So, what can CloudM do to automate some of these processes and make Email Signature Management even easier, no matter how many employees you have?

Quickly and easily set different email signatures for different brands, departments, and locations.

Even though it is important to maintain a level of standardization across your entire organization, there are situations where you may want to give specific employees a different email template. For example, you can apply a French-language version of your main email signature to employees based in France or who regularly communicate with the French-speaking market.

How does CloudM make this easier?

Well, firstly, we use powerful tools called Organizational Units and Smart Teams that allow you to structure your employees into hierarchical groups on your domain.

You can then decide whether a specific group inherits the same email signature as a group higher up in the hierarchy, or whether all users in the group will automatically be assigned a different email signature.

The best thing is that as new starters are added to the group (or moved from another), the new email signature will be automatically assigned to them.

Give the right users permission - without asking for permission

Not only can you use Organizational Units and Smart Teams to create unique email signatures for groups of users, but you can also use them to quickly empower your Email Signature Managers.

For example, Sasha has just joined your HR team, who share the responsibility to update email signatures. Instead of having to wait for IT to grant the required permissions, you can just add Sasha to an Organizational Unit or Smart Team that already has the required permissions assigned. This could be an HR department Organizational Unit, or a specific Email Signature Managers Smart Team or Group.

To make things even easier, we have put all the required email signature management permission together into a role template, so you can add it to a new or existing role, safe in the knowledge that your administrators have everything they need to create, edit and delete email signatures.

Use variables to automatically update email signatures as changes are made to the Organization, Department, or User profile.

It’s time to congratulate Matt! After all that hard work, he has finally got that promotion and wants to show off his fancy new title on his email signature.

With CloudM, you can set the email template to use variable text from the user’s profile to update the content shown on their email signature automatically.

And, you can use the same concept on the profile of an Organizational Unit or Smart Team. For example, if your company telephone number has changed, you can update it on the profile page and that change will automatically be applied to all email signatures that use the Company Telephone variable tag in their template.

Only needing to manually change the information in one place will save you time and eliminate human error.

No need to start from scratch

Like writing a blog, the hardest part about creating a new email signature template is often starting from nothing and working out what to do first - especially where HTML code is also involved.

With CloudM, you can simply select the Templates button and scroll through a host of different templates, taking elements from your organization profile (such as your company logo) and some of the more relevant variable elements (e.g. First and Last name, Job Title, Department etc.), to give you a great starting point.

Once you have chosen a template you like, you can also customize it. Want to replace the individual’s telephone number with your company number? Done. In seconds!

When you think that you have finished editing the new template, you can also preview what it will actually look like, using a user of your choice, before committing to the changes.

Hopefully, we have shown you some of the innovative ways that CloudM can help to make Email Signature Management as easy, quick and useful as possible.

It is also just one of the many CloudM features that share this ethos - our aim is to make managing your domain as painless as possible, from automatically assigning and removing licenses, to giving users access to the shared documents and calendars they need to do their job.

For more information on Email Signature Management with CloudM, read our helpful Ebook or explore more of what the CloudM platform can do for you.

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